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By adjusting your sales pitch to cater each of the 4 major groups, you can start selling more homes now...

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PersonalityID is an entertaining interactive personality self-assessment that home shoppers take after requesting information from your website. The results are immediately e-mailed to the customers describing their personalities and what they subconsciously are looking for in the home they plan to purchase. This knowledge empowers them to make decisions quicker and easier, and also creates goodwill for the builder or real estate agent.

By adding PersonalityID to your web leads, you will be able to S.E.L.L. more homes by receiving the benefits of:

  • Sales tips for communicating more effectively to the home buyer to close the sale
  • Evaluation, identification, and description of your prospects' personality
  • Logical instructions for the most compelling follow up programs
  • List of specific features this personality looks for in a new home features you must highlight in your sales presentation

Click here to test drive our product and find out what type of personality you have.

you can make two to three times as many sales, in the same amount of time...

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