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Double Your Closing Ratios

Students of "personality selling" acknowledge that this unique approach doubles their closing ratios. Yes, by knowing who you're dealing with, you can double the chance they will buy from you.

PersonalityID can provide the opportunity for you to learn the personality type of your home shoppers. We simply create a special web page for you to direct your best prospects to. The page will have your name in the address. For example, www.PersonaliltyID.com/Your_Name. Use it as often as you like: Limit it to home shoppers who have appointments to visit your sales center, or use it for your "fly and buy" program, or use it for walk-in traffic to your sales center, or use it for all your Internet leads. It's entirely up to you.

Personality ID

The home shopper receives a report. You get all his contact information, along with a special expanded report that gives instructions on how to best communicate with this personality and what they are looking for in a home.

With this information, your closing ratios are practically guaranteed to double!

Personality ID
Our whole system is based on the simple fact that people are different. We'll Teach You How...

Your closing ratios are practically guaranteed to double!

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